Sunday, May 4, 2008

Final day of working for the man

I went in late, and did almost nothing work-related all day.  It was kind of anti-climatic for being my day of liberation.  

So now I just have to finish up school, and get moved to Austin - while learning an entirely new OS on the side.  I've just switched from Windows machines to a MacBook, and am still getting used to how everything works.  It's not too bad.  I just have to learn all new shortcuts after having used DOS, then Windows machines my entire computing life - which is pretty damn long considering I've been using computers of some sort or another for over 20 years.  

But, I'm nothing if not adaptable, and I do love playing with new toys and figuring out how to do things in new software, so I'm sure I'll get good on it in no time.  Which is pretty important since I'm entering into a new venture with Melomel creating iPhone software.  

Also, in other news...   I had the final test for my Essure procedure Thursday, and I am confirmed sterile.  I was just a little sad leaving the office - not that I now want kids suddenly, but perhaps mourning a possibility that is now gone for good.